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Non-profit organization, foundation, registered charity... What is TUX Karma?

TUX Karma is a registered charity with the CRA. In concrete terms, this means that we can receive donations and issue receipts, but more importantly, we can't just do anything with our time and money - we are accountable to the CRA.

Can TUX Karma address any issue?

TUX Karma addresses issues related to social and environmental justice. As a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency, we have an official and clear list of topics we can address: relief of poverty; advancement of education; promotion of human rights; promotion of racial equality; promotion of health; protection of the environment and animals; rights of Indigenous peoples of Canada.

How can TUX Karma provide support?

TUX Karma can provide support in various ways: 1- Financial support for projects carried out by registered nonprofits 2- Participation of TUX talents in selected projects

Who funds TUX Karma?

TUX is currently the main donor of TUX Karma. However, we are actively working to diversify our sources of income in order to support more projects and create more impact!

What do you mean by social and climate justice?

We believe that we can only tackle the major challenges of our time by addressing the central question of inequalities, whether it be violence against women or LGBT community members, racism, or climate change. We believe that our life experiences and opportunities vary depending on where we are in the world, our country, and even our neighborhood. They fluctuate based on the financial and socio-cultural capital of the family in which we grew up, our gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnocultural identities (real or perceived), physical and neurological abilities, or age. Therefore, whether it's projects on plastic waste management or access to employment, we always strive to integrate an intersectional prism into our approach. Finally, we subscribe to the idea that there will be no social justice without systemic action: "it is when we break down barriers related to gender, age, ethnic or racial identity, religion, culture, physical or neurological abilities, that social justice comes to life." (Source: UN) For more information, please see: UN: https://news.un.org/en/story/2020/02/1057811 B CORP: https://usca.bcorporation.net/fr/zbtcz02z16/le-b-lab-et-ses-partenaires-publient-le-guide-de-la-justice-climatique-pour-les-entreprises/

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BELI — The Fight Against Systemic Racism
Infinite Matter — Turning plastic waste into art

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