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Tux & Karma

Our Approach

Ideation, selection, and development of our projects

TUX Karma is a young organization in development. We are trying things out, seeing what works, what doesn't. The approach you see on this page is what we are currently using. Come back in a few months, and we might be trying something else!

First Step

Preparing the Subjects

Second Step


Third Step


Fourth Step

Project development and launch



As a registered charity with the CRA, we must adhere to certain rules, including the topics we can address. Our first task is therefore to define problematics - briefs - on which our teams can work and try to bring a creative solution to them.

These topics are identified through secondary research (thanks to our strategists in the team!) and interviews with organizations - we meet with experts on the topics that interest us to try to grasp the issues in all their complexity. We thank all the organizations that generously help us to gain a better understanding of these topics. TUX Karma was founded by Dominic Tremblay and Ludwig Cwiupka, who are partners in both business and life. While not limited to these, we prioritize projects that support LGBTQIA+ communities and prioritize an intersectional approach to social and environmental justice issues.


A day of collective intelligence

TUX's talented members who wish to participate, members of the board of directors, and soon, representatives of organizations, gather in our studio to brainstorm on the various topics prepared in the previous step.

On the agenda: 1 day to reflect, be outraged, and imagine solutions together. All expertise is welcome at the table - no, creativity is not just for those who make it their profession and yes, we truly believe that real collaboration can help us achieve small miracles.

Board of Directors


We sort through the ideas

At the end of KarmaHack, TUX's creative directors and members of TUX Karma's Board of Directors meet to select a first batch of ideas based on a pre-defined list of criteria.

In the weeks following KarmaHack, small teams composed of TUX Karma members, members of the Board of Directors, creative directors, designers, and client partners, review the selected ideas based on a pre-defined list of criteria. Which ideas are viable and achievable within a given time and budget? More importantly, which ones have real potential for impact - and what kind of impact? Finally, two to three ideas are presented to the Board of Directors, who choose one based on TUX Karma's goals for the year and the available resources.

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The project comes to life

It's the final stretch!

The TUX talents get on board with the selected project and collaborate with the organization to bring the idea to life until it becomes a reality.

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BELI — The Fight Against Systemic Racism
Infinite Matter — Turning plastic waste into art

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